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Noteworthy holidays and feast days are presented in bold; the column on the right presents links to the engravings.

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New Year's Day, New Year's gifts January;
Gymnastics for Youth
St. Macarius; St. Adalard; Handsel Monday; Ovid  
St. Genevieve  
Roger Ascham, Lady Jane Grey; Alexander McDonald (last of the Stuarts) Medal of "Henry IX, King of England"
St. Stylites; Twelfth-Night Eve; blessing the apple trees St. Stylites
Twelfth Day pranks and celebrations; Seasons Twelfth-Day;
The Season
St Distaff's Day; The "Stockwell Ghost"; Plough Monday; The Trial of Sir John Barleycorn Plough Monday
St. Lucian; St. Gudula; Charlotte Smith excerpt (all brief)  
Dr. Thomas Birch  
"Memory Corner Thompson"  
Salt-water pond; The "Pacha"; St. Bride's Church; Card-playing St. Bride's Church;
Explosion at Leyden, Holland; Hunt's "Grasshopper and the Cricket"  
St. Hilary, and others; Explanation of Legal terms--e.g. Hilary term, Michaelmas term, etc.; Darwin's "Signs of foul Weather"  
Samuel Crisp; Charlotte Smith's "The Winter Robin"  
St. Paul; Devotional flowers; Charles Lamb's "Rural Musings" Devotional Flowers
Irish rainbows; "Aunty's Garden" party game; "Winter" sonnet  
St. Anthony; Blessing of Beasts; Preaching to Fishes; St. Anthony's Fire; St. Anthony's Pig St. Anthony fighting the Devil
St. Peter's Chair; Hone's "spectres"; Nelson's treatment of Caraccioli (and the latter's eerie appearance as corpse)  
Dedication of flowers; Seasonal, especially on the evil nature of east winds  
St. Sebastian's Day; St Agnes' Eve (with extended excerpt from Keats); Aquarius Aquarius
St. Agnes; Blessing of Sheep; Prior on "The Crocus"; The "Halifax Gibbet"; Mildness of the season

Halifax Gibbet
Heading Block

St. Vincent; George Steevens  
Westminster shops; Function of the courts; Comic legal parody by John Baynes; Barrister's first brief; "Legal Glee" on Blackstone Westminster Hall
South Sea Bubble and other more recent schemes  
St. Paul's Day; Apostle Spoons Apostle Spoons
Russian Bears and Beehives Russian Bear Trap
Seasonal; Cowper on Buds and Icicles  
St. Thyrsus; John Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf, printer  
St. Martina; Beheading of Charles I; Explanation of Moveable Feasts  
St. Peter Nolasco  


General notes on February; St. Bridget; Burial of Alleluia February
Candlemas Day, with excerpts from Herrick  
St. Blase; Bishop Blase's Festival for those in wool trade  
Brief seasonal poem  
St. Agatha (brief notice)  
St. Valentine; Valentine's Day; Blackstone and the Commentaries; the Legal profession; Comic treatment of law St. Valentine
Bear with Valentine
Tree Diagram describing Common Law
Shrove Tuesday; Curfew; Football; Hen-threshing; Cock-fighting; Pancakes

Threshing the Hen
The Hen that Spoke

Ash Wednesday  
 Michael Angelo (extended) Michaelangelo
 Copyright issue involving Buckley's Thuanus  
 Brief seasonal poem  
 Sts. Mildred and Ulrick; Execution of Usher Gahagan, scholar and thief  
 Brief seasonal materials  
 Essay on "sporting life" through the year  
 Cruelty to Jews and Hone's rebuttal Stoning Jews in Lent
 St. Ethelbert; Remarkable death of Mr. Jennings  
 Monastic origins of floral terminology; Jubilee year of 1824  
 Fog; brief seasonal pieces.  
 Time (brief)  


March; Wales and "Welshness"; St. David and St. David's Day March
St. Chad's Well and other "Holy Wells" Sign of St. Chad's Well
Garrick and the Adelphi Coffeehouse Heading to Garrick Letter
Garrick Signature
Life of Bernard Gilpin  
St. Piran (brief notice)  
Commentary on advent of Spring; German festival thereon (Hone mistakes the first day of spring, see also March 20) Spring
Illustration of 14th-century Clothing
St. Paul, the Anchoret (brief notice)  
London Earthquake of 1750 (brief notice)  
Mist and Rain (brief)  
The New River; Gilpin (see also March 4) and the "Glove of Defiance"; Seasonal commentary; Life of Benjamin West View of New River
on Proposed Game Laws of 1752 (very brief)  
St. Gregory; "Society for the Encouragement of Literature"  
Mid-lent Sunday; "mothering" Mid-Lent Sunday
Excise scheme of 1733; Execution of Adm. John Byng  
Assassination of Julius Cæsar (brief)  
St. Finian  
St. Patrick and St. Patrick's Day  
St. Edward (brief)  
"Surprising Meteor" of 1719 (brief)  
Vernal Equinox (correction of March 6 account); Care or Carling Sunday Aries
Diagram of Vernal Equinox
St. Benedict  
London Plague of 1665; Seasonal notes  
St. Edelwald (very brief)  
St. Simon; St. William (both brief)  
Lady Day; Annunciation  
The Cuckoo (poem)  
Palm Sunday Palm Sunday
Use of Gunpowder in 1380; Wenceslaus Hollar (both brief)  
Raymond Lulle, alchemist; Battle between houses of Lancaster and York  
St. John Climacus  
Maundy Thursday; Good Friday; Hot-Cross Buns  


April; April Fool's Day April
April Fool
St. Francis of Paula; "Moveable Feasts" calendar correction; Fixing the date of Easter  
St. Richard de Wiche; Easter Sunday  
Easter Tuesday; Extended description of various Easter customs such as the "Dancing of the Sun"; "Lifting"; Easter or Pasch Eggs; "Ball, Bacon, and Tansy Puddings"; "Stool Ball"; "Clipping the Church at Easter"; Ceremonial practices in the ancient church; Easter in London, esp. Easter Monday at Greenwich Fair; Poem on "Independent Men" and discussion of walking excursions from London; The Spital Sermons; Easter tale of St. Peter and the Blacksmith; Silenus. "Lifting"
"Old Lady Day"; brief notices of Petrarch's Laura and of an 1803 duel between Colonel Montgomery and Captain Macnamara  
Death of Bacon and other brief notices  
"Low Sunday" (brief)  
Seneca, Nero, Octavia, and the Roman Senate; poetic epitaph Octavia's return to Rome
Nero and the Roman Senate
Comical Cambridge Examination, set in distant future  
Seasonal notes on floral appearances; poem on North Pole  
Migration dates for English birds; two poems on spring season  
Critical account of the Life of Joseph Labre; Miraclulous cure for gout at Somers Town; on Kaleidoscopes Joseph Labre
The Somers Town Miracle
Hock, or "Hoke Day"  
Accounts of Judge Jefferies, Charles Pratt, and Erasmus Darwin; Description of "The Maid Servant"  
St. Elphege; Mitford's account of Byron's residence; excerpts from Byron  
Seasonable description and verses  
Brief accounts of St. Anselm, Romulus, Alexander the Great, and Peter Abelard  
On Rooks and Sparrows  
Extended discussion of St. George; anecdote from "Shakespeare's Jest Book"; commentary on meteorology and an extended discussion of the migration of swallows St. George and the Dragon
The Swallow
Notes on St. Mark and St. Anianus; Discussion of footwear, from ancient sandals to renaissance; Letters regarding the date of Easter; Biographical notes on William Cowper with excerpts and engraving of his cottage; St. Mark's Day and St. Mark's Eve

"Curious old Sandal"
Heel shoe from 17th century
Cowper's Cottage at Olney

On country life  
Notes on Nicholas Amhurst, with excerpt from Byron  
Seasonal poem  
St. Catharine of Sienna; Sonnet by Barry Cornwall; Weather "prognosticators"  


May; May-Day, extended commentary with numerous excerpts from Herrick, Washington Irving, and others; May-poles, Maying, and other local practices; the "evil May-day of 1517; Milkmaids' Garland; May-fair; Tiddy-Doll, the gingerbread vender; Drury Lane May-pole; Chimney sweepers' May-day festival; May-day in Ireland (with legend of O'Donoghue); May-day in Italy; Comic letter from February 29th, with Hone's response May
May-Day at Hitchin
Milkmaids' Garland
Tiddy Doll, Gingerbread vendor
Tiddy Doll's Song
Chimney Sweepers on May-Day
Richmond; Seasonal notes; Tulips Richmond
Invention of the Cross; Southern Cross constellation.  
Dr. Isaac Barrow; Commentary on birds  
Seasonal excerpt from Thomson  
St. John; Spring blight St. John in the Isle of Patmos
St. John of Beverley; The tale of Daniel O'Rourke  
St. Michael, the Archangel; Canonbury Tower, with detailed commentary on Hone's visit; Rogation Sunday Canonbury Tower
Seasonal excerpts (one from Leigh Hunt) and commentary  
The Dotterel-catcher  
Bees and Birds; Account from 1590 of queen's coronation in Scotland  
Holy Thursday; Excerpt from Milton's L'Allegro; Convivial manners in Ireland; Account of the antiquarian Francis Grose Francis Grose
"Seasonable Story" (poem)  
Pastoral Scene from Literary Pocket Book  
Mr. Samuel Jessup, pill taker  
Sir John Carter; Manures (from the London Magazine); Floral descriptions and weather proverbs from Forster  
St. Dunstan St. Dunstan and the Devil
Various poetic excerpts descriptive of springtime; Weather lore involving plants; Rural descriptions  
Seasonal excerpt from Thomson  
Whitsuntide, with an Ode by H. K. White; Extended description of Whit Monday at Greenwich; from H. K. White on "Time"; The Sluice House, haven for anglers; Jemmy Gordon, wit and drunkard; Persons and occupations The Sluice House
Jemmy Gordon
St. Aldhelm  
St. Philip Neri; Oratorios; St. Augustine  
Venerable Bede, with Wordsworth excerpt; Note on Hone's seasonal depression; Seasonal poem  
Cardinal Beaton, with engraving of his house in Edinburgh Cardinal Beaton's House in Edinburgh
Restoration day—extended commentary on Charles II, on the "Royal Oak," witty intercourse between Rochester and Charles; Trinity Sunday  
Annual dinner at Trinity House; Letter on love of nature and antiquities; Joan of Arc Fountain at site of Joan of Arc's burning
St. Petronilla (brief)  



June with commentary from Leigh Hunt; Dorsetshire yarn festival (brief) June
Corpus Christi day; Extended commentary on the history of religious plays, with emphasis on the English Mystery plays; Cat worship on Corpus Christi day  
Hornsey Wood House and the Lake at Hornsey Wood; Biographical sketch of Madame Mara, a celebrated singer Hornsey-Wood House
Lake at Hornsey-Wood House
St. Boniface and Steeple-climbing at Stamford (both brief)  
Abduction account  
William Warburton (brief)  
"Thimble and Pea" betting game; Passion flower Passion Flower
Thomas Hearne (brief)  
St. Barnabas and St. Barnabas Day  
The Duke of Berwick (brief)  
Marriage of Henrietta Maria and Charles I. (brief)  
The battle of Naseby (brief)  
St. Vitus; Extended description of the ceremony of laying the first stone for the New London Bridge, includes a short history of bridges in London; Barbauld poem on the death of Martineau; Comic episode on a rainy evening in Wales New London Bridge
John Churchill (brief); On Cruelty to Animals; Seasonal poem on "The East Wind"  
St. Alban  
Excerpt from Byron on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo; Fascinating bit of street-life regarding the "Buy a Broom?" girls "Buy a Broom?"
Poem on "The Summer Midnight"  
On the "Translation of Edward" and other skeptical descriptions of relics  
Poem called "Summer Morning and Evening"; Description of Summer and medieval summer dress; tale of "The Discontented Pendulum" Summer
Medieval Summer Dress
Brief excerpted notice requesting payment for papers  
Midsummer; Midsummer in Ireland; History of the London Watch, includes description of Cressets and an early Beacon; St. John's Eve Watches in Nottingham and Chester; ancient custom from Somersetshire Midsummer Bonfire
Ancient Beacon
St. John the Baptist; Pulpits; Essay on "Quarter Day"; on the Feast of St. John; Romantic prognostications with St. John's Wort, with two poems French Pulpit
Change in newspaper franking practices (brief)  
Extended commentary and descriptions of Copenhagen House; Fives-play and tennis; John Cavanagh, celebrated fives-player, with long excerpt from Hazlitt; Hagbush lane and the death of Francis Bacon; Rustic cottage in Hagbush lane Copenhagen House
Mud Cottage in Hagbush-lane
On predicting weather with a barometer (brief)  
Notice on "A Hot Day" from the Indicator; poem from "Marvell" [actually John Clare]  
Illuminations in Rome on St. Peter's day  
St. Paul (brief)  



History and character of July July
Brief poem on " A Morning's Walk in July"  
Account of a bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary in Paris; The "Dog-Days"; Hone's recommendation that urban dogs be exterminated to quell the spread of hydrophobia; poem on "The Bellflower" Dog Days
Account of London "Barrow-Women" of the late 18th century; London fruit stalls; "Women's Blacks" (stockings) London Barrow-Woman
Brief Italian floral poem.  
Extended biographical account (with commentary) on Richard Brinsley Sheridan; poem on "the Summer Zephyr."  
Brief discussion of church architecture with notes from Sir Christopher Wren  
Biographical sketch of Captain Starkey, a man made famous here paradoxically for being so nondescript; "Quatrains" to Hone from Charles Lamb; Hone's reply Captain Starkey
Spider barometers (brief)  
"Sun-set," a short poem  
"To Mary," a short poem by Gent  
Another short poem on the sunset  
Short poem on parental tenderness; Account of recent sighting of a flock of crossbills; detailed account of the fall of the Bastile; Account of dunking a "witch" in 1825; Letter from "Pompey" (a dog) on the so-called "Dog Days"; detailed commentary from correspondent "E. I. C." on the architecture of recent churches; "A Hot Letter"; notes on the famous "Dunstable Larks." Destruction of the Bastille
St. Swithin and St. Swithin's day  
"French Hoaxing"—a case of mistaken identity  
"Summer Morning" by John Clare  
Swarm of bees on man's head (brief)  
"Midnight and the Moon" from the Literary Pocket Book  
Excerpt from Shelley's "The Sensitive Plant"; Recollections of Captain Starkey (from July 9); Peerless Pool, extended description of this bathing spa; The Fish-pond at Peerless Pool Peerless Pool
The Fish Pond at Peerless Pool
St James's Day, oysters and apple blessings  
Detailed account of a Lion Fight that took place on 26 July, 1825, near Warwick. A history of lion fights and "lion baits" in England and Vienna; accounts of people killed by lions; history of lions that have been kept in the Tower of London; brief commentary on the "Lion's Head" at Button's Coffee House. Account of St. Anne and St. Joachim at the Golden Gate. Detailed account of a "Summer Holiday" in Dulwich, contributed by a friend of Hone's. Table for predicting weather based on lunar phases. Detailed and illustrated account of Hone's visit to see "The Human Skeleton," Claude Ambroise Seurat. Tame Lion Bait
The Meeting of St. Anne and St. Joachim
Claude Ambroise Seurat
Claude Ambroise Seurat, side and back views
Account of the "Seven Sleepers."  
On musical prodigies, esp. Carl Anton Florian Eckert in Germany and Charles Wesley (nephew of the Rev. John Wesley) in England  
On public pumps and fountains in London and elsewhere Fountain at Tottenham High Cross
An account of "witchcraft" (ducking a witch) from 1751  
Biographical account of St. Ignatius Loyola St. Ignatius Loyola



On the month of August; St. Peter's Chains; The "Gule of August"; Lammas-Day; Juliet Capulet's birthday August
Account of a strangely violent thunderstorm that hit near Norfolk in 1577; brief notice of the keeping of Carling Sunday  
A brief "personals" notice taken from the London Chronicle of 1758  
Transfiguration (brief)  
Princess Amelia; Hone presents a transcription of a private letter from Amelia to "Mary," a young woman under her care Signature of Princess Amelia
Letter from "J. B." describing "Funerals in Cumberland."  
On Willow trees, with numerous poetic selections  
St Lawrence; A penmanship contest between Peter Bales and David Johnson (late 16th-c.); John Flamsteed, the astronomer, with Hone's transcriptions from his journal Flamsteed's "Scheme of the Heavens"
Flamsteed Signature
Seasonal description of evening at the seaside; migration of swifts; butterflies and bats' wings  
Letter to the Editor from the 12th of August; the Editor's reply  
On cats, with several "remarkable anecdotes" and poetic excerpts Breughel's "Concert of Cats"
On leaves; "The Withered Leaf," a poem by Barton; Fantoccini (description of street performance) Fantoccini
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary  
St. Roche (or Rock) St. Roche
Story of an Essex woman with two husbands  
Camberwell Fair  
On Robert Bloomfield, with poem from Barton  
On Warren Hastings (governor-general of India), with Hastings translation of Horace; Another "Living Skeleton"  
St. Bartholomew and St. Bartholomew's Day; St. Ouen  
Printers and Printing, an extended discussion of practices in printing shops with a glossary of printers' terminology Ancient Printing-Office
Poem on the music of nature  
The Glowworm  
St. Augustine  
St. Aidan (brief)  



September, with excerpts from Hunt and Shelley; St. Giles September
The Fire of London (1666) with extended contemporary excerpts from Thomas Vincent and John Evelyn  
Proclamation of Bartholomew Fair  
Bartholomew Fair (brief because the 4th is a Sunday and the Fair therefore does not start until the following day)  
Extended account of Bartholomew Fair in 1825—Hone visited all the booths and describes the Fair in great detail; Notice of Sadler's Wells performance; Description of Bartholomew Fair in 1614, with extended excerpts and descriptions of Ben Jonson's play; Some Bartholomew Fair terminology (Arsedine, Costermonger, Huxter, Court of Pie Powder, Pedlar, Porter); Roast Pig, with extended tale from Charles Lamb; Illustrated Account of the Fair in 1721; Lady Holland's Mob; the Medieval Origins of the Fair and its subsequent history; Puppet Shows; Recent efforts to suppress the Fair

Miss Hipson, the Female Dwarf and the Malay
Seal of Royal Patronage
Little Man
The Beautiful Dolphin
The Giant Boy
Hare and Tabor
A Huxter
A Pedlar
The Porter's Knot
Part of Bartholomew Fair, 1721...
...Another Part in the Same Fair

St. Eleutherius (brief)  
Anecdote about painted bird scam leads to lengthy and detailed discussion of Barbers and their instruments (with several small engravings) and historical accounts of beards, hair, hair care, wigs, barber poles, etc. An Ancient Barber
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary; anedcotes about the Virgin's intercession in the lives of the faithful Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
St. Bettelin, or Beccelin (brief); On Fanny Braddock, a fashionable young woman who committed suicide in Bath  
Autumn, with seasonal descriptions Autumn
"Nicknackitarianism"—a legal case involving the value of "ancient curiosities"  
Glass Cutters at Newcastle  
Biographical account of the actor "Gentleman" Smith  
Holy Cross, or Holy Rood  
Poem on tranquil daybreak by Chamberlayne  
Death notice of Jemmy Gordon (see May 23)  
St. Lambert; Songs from contemporary theatrical productions  
St. Ferreol and his festival in Marseilles  
Stourbridge Fair, its origins and history; On cruelty to animals, with detailed account of "The Ass" from correspondent "Tim Tims" Jacob Butler, Esq.
Description of the ceremony of laying the first stone for the Edinburgh Exchange, 1753  
St. Matthew  
Brief seasonal poem  
Brief notice of 1751 athletic feat  
Exercise and Gymnastics—detailed account of Voelker's physical fitness establishment Voelker's Gymnastics
Old Holy Rood and St. Cyprian (both brief)  
Sts. Cosmas and Damian  
St. Michael; on Archangels; Michaelmas; correspondent's account of the make-up of the Lord Mayor's entourage and their feasts; "Ganging Day"; Andecdote about an affectionate goose; "Michaelmas Notice to Quit," a parodic poem about change of season St. Michael and the Other Archangels
St. Jerome (brief); Account of Michaelmas apple-throwing at Kidderminster  



October, with description from Leigh Hunt and poetic excerpt from Bowring; Remigius; Salters' Company October
Guardian Angels and the orders of angels; Account of Hannah Want, who died at the age of 106 Hannah Want
Rickman sonnet  
The Sale of Hyde Park Corner Toll-Gate Hyde Park Corner Toll-Gate
"The Ass," a letter from a correspondent  
St. Faith and St. Bruno; Southey poem on "Bishop Bruno"  
Musical squirrels  
St. Denys St. Denys
Sonnet on "Autumn" from the Literary Pocket Book  
St. Ethelburge and Old Michaelmas Day (both brief)  
On needlework, with a chart counting the stitches in a typical shirt  
The "Translation of King Edward the Confessor" and "Corpulency" (both brief)  
Poem on the Tortoise and the Hare  
On the scent of dogs and tobacco  
Custom at Eskdale originates as penance for murder of monk  
St. Etheldreda; Etymology of "tawdry"; more on Hares and Squirrels  
St. Luke; Charlton Fair (or "Horn Fair")  
Moore's poem, "The Last Rose of Summer"  
Migration of woodcocks and snipe  
Burns's poem on "John Barleycorn"  
St. Mark; Sentimental poem on maternal affection  
St. Severin  
St. Proclus  
Sts. Crispin and Crispinian; Battle of Agincourt with quotation from Shakespeare; a merry shoemaker's encounter with Charles V. Sts. Crispin and Crispinian
Seasonal (brief)  
Seasonal (brief)  
St. Simon and St. Jude  
A New Literary Institution, 1825  
The demise of St. Katharine's by the Tower  
Hallowe'en, with numerous accounts of local customs—bonfires, burning nuts, apples, etc.  



November, with excerpts from Hunt and others; All Saints' Day; English/Welsh parallel texts from Heroic Elegies of Llywarch Hèn November
All Souls; Poem by John McCreery on passage of time  
More poems, chiefly by Bowring, on the passage of time  
Landing of King William in 1688 (actually on Nov. 5)  
Guy Fawkes and the Powder Plot of 1605; Contemporary celebrations of "Guy Fawkes" Guy Fawkes
Beginning of Michaelmas term; Letter correcting the Every-Day Book's earlier accounts of legal terms.  
Anecdote about wearing hats in court  
Brief comments on falling leaves  
Extended account of the history and contemporary celebration of Lord Mayor's Day; poem on turning forty-four; Extended account of peculiar self-made celebrity or early performance artist called "The Aerial." Lord Mayor's Show
The Aerial
Hangovers on the day after Lord Mayor's Day (brief)  
St. Martin and Martinmas (or Martlemas)  
Birthday of Admiral Vernon  
Detailed history of St. John's Parish, Clerkenwell, with extended excerpt from the parish Vestry Book Church of St. John, Clerkenwell, 1508
Long letter describing the Stamford Bull Running  
St. Machutus (or "Malo," or "Maclou")  
Letter describing the "Lord of the Tap" of Stourbridge Fair.  
Account (from the Gentleman's Magazine) of Queen Elizabeth's Accession  
Seasonal excerpt from "The Mirror of the Months"  
St. Edmund, King and Martyr (brief)  
Ghost of an Arm Chair  
St. Cecilia St. Cecilia
St. Clement, the patron saint of Blacksmith's, with several accounts of the Smiths' celebration of the feast of "Old Clem"  
London fogs; Waterproof footwear; a woman robber  
St. Catharine and St. Catharine's Day, with image taken from stained glass window of West Wickham, Kent St. Catharine
Kissing for gloves; More on Captain Starkey  
The Great Storm of 1703; Annual Sermon on the Storm at Little Wild Street Chapel  
Burmese State Carriage or "The Rath," an extended description from Hone's visit on 18 November; Advent; "The Amulet," with poetic selection on a "Rustic Funeral" by John Holland. The Rath
The Tee (at the top of the carriage)
Invention of Steam-powered printing at The Times  
St. Andrew and accounts of St. Andrew's Day; Appeal for assistance for the widow of Belzoni  




December, seasonal description with excerpts from Spenser and Hunt; Description of still, quiet, winter days December
Founding ceremony of the London Mechanics' Institution, with excerpts from Birkbeck's speech  
Brief drescription of the torch dance from a royal wedding in Berlin, 1821  
Passage from Googe about folk techniques for fortelling spouses  
About an 1815 football game in Ettrick Forest, with commemorative poem by Walter Scott  
St. Nicholas; The Boy Bishop St. Nicholas
Monument to a Boy Bishop (Salisbury Cathedral)
Seasonal, meteorological description of the onset of winter Winter
Very mild winter of 1818 in Plymouth  
Two brief accounts of persons being mistakenly buried alive, mid-18th century  
Account of very large man's funeral, 1741 (brief)  
Correspondent's account of St. Nicholas's visits in Russia  
Brief account about rehiring an intoxicated servant; Excerpt from 1621 on the Brewing Trade  
St. Lucy (brief); Companion poems from America, one by R. H. Wilde, the other by a "lady from Baltimore"  
Ember Week (brief)  
"Winter Piece," a sentimental poem about a forsaken woman and her infant child  
"O Sapienta"  
On turning roasting-spits with dogs; Comically empty dialogue; Correspondent J. J. H. on wild-fowl shooting in France Wild Fowl Shooting in France
Sketch of French Duck Blind
Correspondent corrects account of dancing camel (Sept. 19) and adds commentary on Leo Africanus  
"A Starlight Winter Night," Byron  
On the "Bath Season" and Beau Nash  
St. Thomas and St. Thomas's Day; London Elections  
Clark, the Miser of Dundee  
Sleepwalking sailor loses his room at the Inn  
Christmas Eve, with detailed account of ancient Christmas carols; various Christmas Eve customs; Leigh Hunt on "Holiday Children"; The Ox, the Ass, and an Ancient Nativity scene Calabrian Shepherds playing in Rome
Ancient Representation of the Nativity
Christmas Day, descriptions of celebratory practices; Christmas in France (with notes on plumb pudding); An ancient Norman carol; The tradition of the Boar's Head; Various other accounts of Christmas, including poems from Scott and others, accounts of pipers and watchmen, a description of some Italian minstrels currently staying in London, Christmas in the Highlands, Christmas pies and porridges; Excerpts from Hamlet on the cock crowing at midnight

The Boar's Head at Christmas
The Boor's Head
The Piper
The Watchman of Bungay
Italian Minstrels in London, 1825

St. Stephen, and St. Stephen's Day; "Heit! Heck! Whoohe! and Geho!" (expressions used with horses and oxen); Boxing Day  
St. John, with passage from Googe  
Childermas Day; Lucca Giordano The Flight of the Holy Family
Sculpture in England and Ireland  
Seasonal description (brief)  
St. Sylvester; New Year's Eve, with several accounts, including good wishes to ELIA (Charles Lamb) and Hone's women readers; Discussion of Bona Dea, the image from the Volume I title page; Hone's conclusion to the first volume.