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February 19.

St. Barbatus, or Barbas, Bp. A.D. 682.

This saint is patron of Benevento, of which city he was bishop. Butler relates no miracle of him nor does it appear from him that any other name in the calendar of the Romish church is affixed to this day.


A pretty trifle from the Greek is descriptive of appearances about this period:—

To a Lady on her Birthday.

See amidst the winter's cold,
     Tender infant of the spring;
See the rose her bud unfold,
     Every sweet is on the wing.

Hark! the purple flow'ret cries,
     'Tis for thee we haste away,
'Tis for thee we brave the skies,
     Smiling on thy natal day.
          Soon shalt thou the pleasure prove,
          Which awaits on virtuous love.

Place us 'midst thy flowing hair,
     Where each lovely grace prevails,
Happier we to deck the fair,
     Than to wait the vernal gales.



Field Speedwell. Veronica agrestis.
Dedicated to St. Barbatus.