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May 25.

St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, A.D. 1607. St. Urban, Pope, A.D. 223. St. Adhelm, or Aldhelm. St. Gregory VII., Pope, A.D. 1085. Sts. Maximus, or Mauxe, and Venerand, Martyrs in Normandy, 6th Cent. St. Dumhade, Abbot, A.D. 717.

St. Aldhelm.

He founded the abbey of Malmesbury, and was the first Englishman who cultivated Latin and English or Saxon poesy. Among his other mortifications, he was accustomed to recite the psalter at night, plunged up to the shoulders in a pond of water. He was the first bishop of Sherborne, a see which was afterwards removed to Salisbury, and died in 709.*[1]

He turned a sunbeam into a clothes-peg; at least, so say his biographers: this was at Rome. Saying mass there in the church of St. John de Lateran, he put off his vestment; the servant neglecting to take it, he hung it on a sunbeam, whereon it remained, "to the wonderful admiration of the beholders."† [2]


Common Avens. Geum Urbanum.
Dedicated to St. Urban


Notes [all notes are Hone's unless otherwise indicated]:

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