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October 10.

St. Francis Borgia, A. D. 1572. St. Paulinus, Abp. of York, A. D. 644. St. John of Bridlington, A. D. 1379.


Oxford and Cambridge Terms begin on this day.


There is a fearful spirit busy now.
   Already have the elements unfurled
   Their banners: the great sea-wave is upcurled:
The cloud comes: the fierce winds begin to blow
   About, and blindly on their errands go;
   And quickly will the pale red leaves be hurled
   From their dry boughs, and all the forest world
Stripped of its pride, be like a desert show.
I love that moaning music which I hear
   In the bleak gusts of autumn, for the soul
Seems gathering tidings from another sphere,
   And, in sublime mysterious sympathy,
   Man's bounding spirit ebbs and swells more high,
Accordant to the billow's loftier roll.†[1]


Cape Acetris. Velthemia Viridifolia.
Dedicated to St. Francis Borgia.

Notes [all notes are Hone's unless otherwise indicated]:

1. Literary Pocket Book. [return]