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July 2.

Visitation of the B. Virgin. Sts. Processus and Martinian, 1st Cent. St. Otho, Bp. 12th Cent. St. Monegoude, A.D. 570. St. Oudoceus, Bp. of Landaff, 6th Cent.


White Lily. Lilium candidum.
Dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

A Morning's Walk in July.

But when mild morn, in saffron stole,
First issues from her eastern goal,
Let not my due feet fail to climb
Some breezy summit's brow sublime,
Whence Nature's universal face
Illumined smiles with newborn grace,
The misty streams that wind below
With silver sparkling lustre glow;
The groves and castled cliffs appear
Invested all in radiance clear;
O! every village charm beneath!
The smoke that mounts in azure wreath
O beauteous rural interchange!
The simple spire and elmy grange;
Content, indulging blissful hours,
Whistles o'er the fragrant flowers:
And cattle rous'd to pasture new,
Shake jocund from their sides the dew.* [1]


Notes [all notes are Hone's unless otherwise indicated]:

1. Ode on the Approach of Summer. [return]