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May 5.

St. Pius V., Pope, A.D. 1572. St. Hilary, Abp. of Arles, A.D. 449. St. Angelus, A.D. 1225. St. Mauront, Abbot, A.D. 706. St. Avertin, A.D. 1189.


1760. The right honourable Laurence, earl Ferrers, viscount Tamworth, was hanged at Tyburn, for the murder of John Johnson, his steward.

1785. Thomas Davies, died. He is well recollected from frequent creditable mention made of him in Boswell's "Life of Johnson;" Davies was an actor, afterwards a bookseller, turned strolling player, returned to the bookselling business in Russel-street, Covent-garden, became bankrupt, was relieved in his misfortunes by Dr. Johnson, wrote the "Life of Garrick," "Dramatic Miscellanies," and other pieces; and acquired before his death the honourable appellation of "honest Tom Davies." He was intrusted by the rev. James Granger with the publication of his "Biographical History of England."

1789. Joseph Baretti, author of the "Italian Dictionary," &c. died, aged 73.

1821. Napoleon died at St. Helena, in the sixth year of his confinement. What he was all men pretend to know, and historians will tell.


"Here they are! blowing, growing, all alive!" This was an old London cry by little flower gardners, who brought the products of their grounds to the metropolis, and wheeled them through the streets in a barrow, "blowing, growing, all alive!" to tempt purchasers in the humble streets and alleys of working neighbourhoods. Acts of Parliament have put down the flower-pots, which were accustomed to "topple on the walkers' heads," from the windows of houses, wherein flower-fanciers dwelt.

Flower Garden.

Fairhanded Spring unbosoms every grace,
Throws out the snowdrop and the crocus first,
The daisy, primrose, violet darkly blue,
And polyanthus of unnumbered dyes;
The yellow wallflower, stained with iron brown,
The lavish stock that scents the garden round.
From the soft wing of vernal breezes shed
Anemonies, auriculas, enriched
With shining meal o'er all their velvet leaves,
And full ranunculus of glowing red.
Then comes the tulip race, where beauty plays
Her idle freaks, from family diffused
To family, as flies the father dust,
The varied colours run; and while they break
On the charmed eye, the exulting florist marks,
With secret pride, the wonders of his hand.
No gradual bloom is wanting, from the bud,
First born of Spring, to Summer's musky tribes—
Nor hyacinths of purest virgin white,
Low bent and blushing inwards—nor jonquils
Of potent fragrance—nor Narcissus fair,
As o'er the fabled mountain [fountain?] hanging still—
Nor broad carnations, nor gay spotted pinks,
Nor showered from every bush the damask rose.



Apple Tree. Pyrus Malus.
Dedicated to St. Angelus and St. Pius.