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October 29.

St. Narcissus, Bp. of Jerusalem, 2d Cent. St. Chef, in latin Theuderius, Abbot, A. D. 575.

New Literary Institution, in

At this period, active measures were adopted in London for forming a "Western Literary and Scientific Institution," for persons engaged in commercial and professional pursuits; its objects being 1. The establishment of a library of reference and circulation, and rooms for reading and conversation. 2. The formation of the members into classes, to assist them in the acquisition of ancient and modern languages. 3. The delivery of lectures in literature and science. This is an undertaking fraught with advantages, especially to young men whose situations do not permit them convenient access to means of instruction within the reach of their employers, many of whom may be likewise bettered by its maturity. The mechanics had an excellent "institution," while persons, who, engaged in promoting general business, and meriting equal regard, remained without the benefit which growing intelligence offers to all who have industry and inclination sufficient to devise methods for reaching it. Other institutions have arisen, and are rapidly arising, for equally praiseworthy purposes.


Green Autumnal Narcissus. Narcissus viridiflorus.
Dedicated to St. Narcissus, Bp.