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October 24.

St. Proclus, Abp. of Constantinople, A. D. 447. St. Felix, A. D. 303. St. Magloire, A. D. 575.

St. Proclus.

Besides his other perfections he was a queller of earthquakes. Butler instances that "Theophanes, and other Greek historians, tell us that a child was taken up into the air, and heard angels singing the Trisagion, or triple doxology," which is "in the preface of the mass;" and that therefore St. Proclus "taught the people to sing it:" he says that "it is at least agreed, that on their singing it the earthquakes ceased." Butler represents the style of this father to be "full of lively witty turns, more proper to please and delight than to move the heart." Twenty of his homilies were published at Rome in 1630, whereof "the first, fifth, and sixth are upon the blessed Virgin Mary, whose title of Mother of God," says Butler, "he justly extols." He wrote upon mysterious theology and the church festivals, and was a great disputant.


Zigzag Starwort. Aster flexuosus.
Dedicated to St. Proclus.