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September 4.

Sts. Marcellus and Valerian, A. D. 179. Translation of St. Cuthbert. St. Ida, Widow, 9th Cent. St., Rosalia, A. D. 1160. St. Rosa of Viterbo, A. D. 1252. St. Ultan, Irish Bp. A. D. 655.

Bartholomew Fair.

This day in the year, 1825, being Sunday, Bartholomew Fair was wholly suspended. Yet many thousands of persons walking for recreation, repaired to Smithfield and viewed its appearance. The city officers most strictly enforced observance of the day: one keeper of a gingerbread-stall who plied for custom, and refractorily persisted, was taken into custody, and held in prison, till he could be carried before a magistrate on the following day, when he was fined for his offence.


Sapwort. Saponaria officinalis.
Dedicated to St. Rosalia.