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April 29.

St. Peter, Martyr, A.D. 1252. St. Robert, Abbot of Molesme, A.D. 1110. St. Hugh, Abbot of Cluni, A. D. 1109. St. Fiachna, A.D. 630.


1779. Died at Pershore in Worcestershire, the Rev. John Ash. L. L. D. He was an eminent minister among the dissenters, but is better known for his grammar and other works in philology. His "Complete English Dictionary," until the appearance of Mr. Todd's octavo edition of Johnson's, was the best compendium of words that could be referred to, and may still be consulted with advantage by the student.

1822. Sir Isaac Heard, garter principal king at arms, died aged ninety-one. He was a good herald and an amiable man.

A Morning in Spring.

The dawn now breaks, the dews distil,
And zephyrs fan the waving hill;
The low'ring clouds begin to rise,
And chilly vapours blot the skies.
O'er neighb'ring woods the golden ray
Emits the blush of op'ning day:
The flocks, that leave the verdant brake,
The dew-drops from their fleeces shake:
The lawns, with gems besprinkled shine;
The spider weaves his silky line;
The cowslip, mark'd with spots of gold,
And daisies, all their hues unfold;
The violets, more modest, shade
Their odours in the silent glade;
The early lark now wings her flight,
And gaily soars beyond the sight;
The tender linnet, and the thrush,
Resound from ev'ry dripping bush,
And finches, perch'd on many a spray,
With dulcet sounds proclaim the day;
The housewife now prepares to bake
The kneaded bread, or homely cake;
Or sets the milk, or tends the race
That haunts her yard, or kitchen grace.
When nature clothes the various scene
With tufts of flow'rs, and robes of green;
When limpid streams their lustres give,
And health, and glad contentment live
With lovely nymphs and happy swains,
In humble cots, or tranquil plains,
I bless her bounties, and I raise
My artless theme to sounds of praise.
While others seek for wealth and pow'r,
Let me enjoy the sober hour
Which converse, or which books bestow,
To soothe the heart, and blunt its woe!


Herb Robert. Geranium Robertianum.
Dedicated to St. Robert.