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March 9.

St. Frances, Widow, A.D. 1440. St. Gregory, of Nyssa, Bp. 4th Cent. St. Pacian, Bp. A.D. 373. St. Catherine, of Bologna, A.D. 1463.


Scots' mists, like Scots' men, are proverbial for their penetration; Plymouth showers for their persevering frequency. The father of Mr. Haydon, the artist, relates that in the latter portion of 1807, and the first three or four months of 1808, there had been more than 160 successive days in which rain, in more or less quantities, had fallen in that neighbourhood. He adds, indeed, by way of consolation, that in winter it only rained there, while it snowed elsewhere. It has been remarked that in this opinion he might be correct; at least if he compared the climate of Plymouth with that of the western highlands. A party of English tourists are said to have stopped for several days at an uncomfortable inn, near Inverary, by the unremitting rains that fall in that country about Lammas, when one of them pettishly asked the waiter, "Does it rain here ALWAYS?" "Na! na!" replied Donald, "it snaws whiles," i.e. sometimes.


Petticoat Daffodil. Narcissus Bulbocodium.
Dedicated to St. Catherine.