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October 3.

St. Dionysius the Areopagite, A. D. 51. St. Gerard, Abbot, A. D. 959. The two Ewalds, A. D. 690.


Written at Chatsworth with a Pencil in October.


  I always lov'd thee, and thy yellow garb,
  October dear!—and I have hailed thy reign,
  On many a lovely, many a distant plain,
  But here, thou claim'st my warmest best regard.
  Not e'en the noble banks of silver Seine

Can rival Derwent's—where proud Chatsworth's tow'rs
Reflect Sol's setting rays—as now yon chain
Of gold-tipp'd mountains crown her lawns and bowers.
  Here, countless beauties catch the ravish'd view,
    Majestic scenes, all silent as the tomb;
    Save where the murmuring of Derwent's wave,
  To tenderest feelings the rapt soul subdue,
      While shadowy forms seem gliding through the gloom
    To visit those again they lov'd this side the grave.



Downy Helenium. Helenium pubeccens.
Dedicated to St. Dionysius.