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July 19.

St. Vincent, of Paul, A.D. 1660. St. Arsenius, A.D. 449. St. Symmachus, Pope, A.D. 514. St. Macrina V., A.D. 379.

In July, 1797, as Mr. Wright, of Saint Faith's, in Norwich, was walking in his garden, a flight of bees alighted on his head, and entirely covered his hair, till they made an appearance like a judge's wig. Mr. W. stood upwards of two hours in this situation, while the customary means were used for hiving them, which was completely done without his receiving any injury. Mr. Wright had expressed a strong wish, for some days before, that a flight of bees might come on his premises.


Golden Hawkweed. Hieracium Aurantiacum.
Dedicated to St. Vincent of Paul.