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June 7.

St. Paul, Bp. of Constantinople, A.D. 350, or 351. St. Robert, Abbot, A.D. 1159. St. Colman, Bp. of Dromore, A.D. 610. St. Godeschale, Prince of the Western Vandals, and his companions. St. Meriadee, Bp. A.D. 1302.


1779. William Warburton, bishop of Gloucester, died. He was born at Newark-upon-Trent, in 1698, followed the profession of an attorney, relinquished it for the church, and became an eminently able and learned prelate. His writings are distinguished by genius, but deformed by a haughty and vindictive spirit.


Red Centaury. Chironia centaureum.
Dedicated to St. Paul.