Every-Day Book
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July 13.

St. Eugenius, Bp. A.D. 505. St. Anacletus, Pope, A.D. 107. St. Turiaf, Bp. A.D. 749.

How soothing is a calm stroll on a summer's evening after sun-set, while the breeze of health is floating gently over the verdure, the moon ascending, and the evening star glistening like a diamond.

Diana's bright crescent, like a silver bow,
New strung in Heaven, lifts high its beamy horns
Impatient for the night, and seems to push
Her brother down the sky; fair Venus shines
Ev'n in the eye of day; with sweetest beam,
Propitious shines, and shakes a trembling flood
Of softened radiance from her dewy locks.
The shadows spread apace; while meek-ey'd eve,
Her cheeks yet warm with blushes, slow retires
Thro' the Hesperian garden of the west,
And shuts the gates of day.


Blue Lupin. Lupinus cœruleus.
Dedicated to St. Eugenius.