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June 14.

St. Basil, Abp. A.D. 379. Sts. Rufinus and Valerius, 3d Age. St. Methodius, Patriarch of Constantinople, A.D. 846. St. Docmail, 6th Cent. St. Nennus, or Nehemias, Abbot, A.D. 654. St. Psalmodius, A.D. 630.


1645. The battle of Naseby, between the royalists under Charles I., and the parliament troops under Fairfax, was decided this day by the entire rout of the king's army, and the seizure of all his artillery and ammunition. Among the spoil was the king's cabinet with his letters, which the parliament afterwards published. Hume says, "they give an advantageous idea both of the king's genius and morals." Yet is is a fact, which every person who reads the correspondence must inevitably arrive at, that the king purposed deception, when he professed good faith, and that, as true genius never exists with fraud, these letters do not entitle him to reputation for common honesty, or real ability.


Sweet Basil. Oscimum Basilicum.
Dedicated to St. Basil.