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December 16.

St. Ado, Abp. of Vienne, A. D. 875. St. Alice, or Adelaide, Empress, A. D. 999. St. Beanus, Bp. in Leinster.

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"O Sapienta."

This day is so marked in the church of England calendar and the almanacs. Many have been puzzled by this distinction, and some have imagined that "O SAPIENTA" was a saint and martyr, one of the celebrated eleven thousand virgins of St. Ursula. Mr. Audley, however, has rightly observed that, "This day is so called from the beginning of an anthem in the service of the Latin church, which used to be sung for the honour of Christ's advent, from this day till Christmas eve."—The anthem commenced with these words, "O SAPIENTA quæ ex ore altissimi prodidisti," &c.


Chinese arbor vitæ. Thuja orientalis.
Dedicated to St. Alice.