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October 14.

St. Calixtus, or Callistus, Pope, A. D. 222. St. Donatian, Bp. A. D. 389. St. Burckard, 1st. Bp. of Wurtsburg, A. D. 752. St. Dominic, surnamed Loricatus, A. D. 1060.


The year is now declining; "the sear, the yellow leaf" falls, and "dies in October." There is a moral in every thing to moralizing minds; these indications of wear on the face of the earth, induce moralities on the use and abuse of time.

The Hare and Tortoise.

   In days of yore, when Time was young,
When birds convers'd as well as sung,
When use of speech was not confin'd
Merely to brutes of human kind,
A forward hare, of swiftness vain,
The genius of the neighb'ring plain,
Would oft deride the drudging crowd:
For geniuses are ever proud.
He'd boast, his flight 'twere vain to follow,
For dog and horse he'd beat them hollow;
Nay, if he put forth all his strength,
Outstrip his brethren half a length.

   A tortoise heard his vain oration,
And vented thus his indignation:
"Oh puss! it bodes thee dire disgrace,
When I defy thee to the race.
Come, 'tis a match, nay, no denial,
I'll lay my shell upon the trial."
'Twas done and done, all fair, a bet,
Judges prepar'd, and distance set.

   The scamp'ring hare outstript the wind,
The creeping tortoise lagg'd behind,
And scarce had pass'd single pole,
When puss had almost reach'd the goal.
"Friend tortoise," quoth the jeering hare,
"Your burthen's more than you can bear,
To help your speed it were as well
That I should ease you of your shell:
Jog on a little faster, pr'ythee,
I'll take a nap, and then be with thee."
So said, so done, and safely sure,
For say, what conquest more secure?
Whene'er he walk'd (that's all that's in it)
He could o'er take him in a minute.

   The tortoise heard his taunting jeer,
But still resolv'd to persevere,
Still drawl'd along, as who should say,
I'll win, like Fabius, by delay;
On to the goal securely crept,
While puss unknowing soundly slept.

   The bets were won, the hare awoke
When thus the victor tortoise spoke:
"Puss, tho' I own thy quicker parts,
Things are not always done by starts,
You may deride my awkward pace,
But slow and steady wins the race."



Indian Fleabane. Inula Indica.
Dedicated to St. Calixtus.