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June 25.

St. Prosper, A.D. 463. St. Maximus, Bp. A.D. 465. St. William of Monte-Vergine, A.D. 1142. St. Adelbert, A.D. 740. St. Moloc, Bp. 7th Cent. Sts. Agoard and Aglibert, A.D. 400.


1314. The battle of Bannockburn which secured the independence of Scotland, and fixed Robert Bruce on the throne of that kingdom, was fought on this day between the Scots under that chieftain, and the English under Edward II.

Franking of Newspapers.

By a recent regulation it is not necessary to put the name of a member of either house of parliament on the cover; the address of the party to whom it is sent, with the ends of the paper left open as usual, will be sufficient to ensure its delivery. This is a praiseworthy accommodation to common sense. The old fiction was almost universally known to be one, and yet it is only a few years ago, that a member of parliament received a humble letter of apology, coupled with a request from one of his constituents, that he might be allowed to use the name of his representative in directing a newspaper. To the ingenuous, pretences seem realities.


Sweet Williams. Dianthus barbatus.
Dedicated to St. William.