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September 26.

Sts. Cyprian and Justina, A. D. 304. St. Eusebius, Pope, A. D. 310. St. Colman Elo, Abbot, A. D. 610. St. Nilus, the younger, Abbot, A. D. 1005.

Old Holy-rood.

This day is so marked in the church of England calendar and in the almanacs. Respecting the rood enough, perhaps, was said to gratify the reader's curiosity on holy-rood day.

St. Cyprian

Is also in the calendar and almanacs on this day. He was a native of Carthage in the third century, and as a father is highly esteemed for the piety of his writings and the purity of the Latin tongue wherein they were written.


Gigantic Golden Rod. Solidago gigantea.
Dedicated to St. Justina.