Every-Day Book
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July 11.

St. James, Bp. of Nisibis, A.D. 350. St. Hidulphus, Bp. A.D. 707, or 713. St. Pius I., Pope, A.D. 157. St. Drostan, A.D. 809.


Soft o'er the mountain's purple brow,
  Meek twilight draws her shadowy grey;
From tufted woods, and valleys low,
  Light's magic colours steal away.
Yet still, amid the spreading gloom,
  Resplendent glow the western waves
That roll o'er Neptune's coral caves
  A zone of light on evening's dome.

On this lone summit let me rest,
  And view the forms to fancy dear,
'Till on the ocean's darkened breast,
  The stars of evening tremble clear;
Or the moon's pale orb appear,
  Throwing her light of radiance wide,
Far o'er the lightly curling tide.

No sounds o'er silence now prevail,
  Save of the murm'ring brook below,
Or sailor's song borne on the gale,
  Or oar at distance striking slow.

So sweet, so tranquil, may my evening ray,
Set to this world—and rise in future day.


Yellow Lupin. Lupinus flœvus.
Dedicated to St. James.