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July 20.

St. Joseph Barsabas, the Disciple. St. Margaret, of Antioch. Sts. Justa and Rufina, A. D. 304. St. Ceslas, A.D. 1242. St. Aurelius, Abp., A.D. 423. St. Ulmar, or Wulmar, A. D. 710. St. Jerom Æmiliani, A.D. 1537.

Midnight and the Moon.

Now sleep is busy with the world,
The moon and midnight come; and curl'd
Are the light shadows round the hills;
The many-tongued and babbling rills
Play on the drowsy ear of night,
Gushing at times into the light
From out their beds, and hastening al [sic]
To join the trembling waterfall

Fair planet! when I watch on high,
Star-heralded along the sky,
That face of light and holiness,
I turn, and all my brethren bless
And it must be—(the hour is gone
When the fair world thou smilest upon,
Lay chained in darkness,) thou wert sent
Ministering in the firmament,
To be—calm, beautiful, above—
The eye of universal love.

'Twere good to die in such an hour,
And rest beneath the almighty power,
(Beside yon ruin still and rude)
Of beauty and of solitude.

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Virginian Dragon's Head. Dracocephalus Virginianum.
Dedicated to St. Margaret.