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February 27.

St. Leander, Bishop, A.D. 596. St. Julian, Chronion, and Besas. St. Thalilœus. St. Galmier, or Baldomerus, A.D. 650. St. Nestor, A.D. 250. St. Alnoth.

St. Thalilœus.

This saint was a weeper in Syria. He hermitized on a mountain during sixty years, wept almost without intermission for his sins, and lived for ten years in a wooden cage.

St. Galmier

Was a locksmith at Lyons, and lived in great poverty, for he bestowed all he got on the poor, and sometimes his tools. An abbot gave him a cell to live in, he died a subdeacon about 650, and his relics worked miracles to his fame, till the Hugonots destroyed them in the sixteenth century.

St. Alnoth

Was bailiff to St. Wereburge, became an anchoret, was killed by robbers, and had his relics kept at Stow, near Wedon, in Northamptonshire.


"Time is the stuff that life is made of," says Young.

"BEGONE about your business," says the dial in the Temple: a good admonition to a loiterer on the pavement below.

The great French chancellor, d'Aguesseau, employed all his time. Observing that madame d'Aguesseau always delayed ten or twelve minutes before she came down to dinner, he composed a work entirely in this time, in order not to lose an instant; the result was, at the end of fifteen years, a book in three large volumes quarto, which went through several editions.


Lungwort. Pulmonaria Officinalis.
Dedicated to Leander.