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September 16.

St. Cornelius, Pope, A. D. 252. St. Cyprian, Abp. of Carthage, A. D. 258. St. Euphemia, A. D. 307. Sts. Lucia and Geminianus. Sts. Ninian, or Ninuas, Bp. A. D. 432. St. Editha, A. D. 984.


This eccentric individual, who is recorded on the 23d of May, died in the workhouse of St. Leonard's, at Cambridge, on the 16th of September, 1825. He had for many years been in the receipt of an annuity of five and twenty pounds bequeathed to him by Mr. Gordon, a deceased relative. Several confinements in the town goal [sic] left Gordon at liberty to write memoirs of himself, which are in the possession of Mr. W. Mason, picture-dealer of Cambridge. He may amuse and essentialy benefit society if he publish the manuscripts, accompanied by details drawn from personal recollections of the deceased biographer, with reflections on the misapplication of talent and the consequences of self-indulgence. It is an opportunity whereon to "point a moral, and adorn a tale."


Sea Starwort. Aster Tripolum.
Dedicated to St. Editha.