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June 6.

St. Norbert, A.D. 1134. St. Philip the Deacon, A.D. 58. St. Gudwall, Bp. 6th Cent. St. Claude, Abp. A.D. 696 or 703.


1762. George lord Anson, the circumnavigator of the world, died, at Moor-park, near Rickmansworth, Herts; he was born at Shuckborough, in Staffordshire, in 1700.


This offence was by no means uncommon in England some years ago. In the London Chronicle for 1762, there is an extract from a letter, dated "Sunday, Highgate, June 6," from whence it appears, that on that morning, between twelve and one, a postchaise, in which was a lady, was driven through that place very furiously by two postillions, and attended by three persons who had the appearance of gentlemen, from which she cried out, "Murder! save me! Oh, save me!" Her voice subsided from weakness into faint efforts of the same cries of distress; but as there was at that time no possibility of relief, they hastily drove towards Finchley Common. "From another quarter," says the London Chronicle, "we have undoubted intelligence of the same carriage being seen, and the same outcries heard, as it passed through Islington, with the additional circumstance of the two postillions being in their shirts. Is this outrage to be suffered in England?"


Common Pink. Dianthus deltoides.
Dedicated to St. Norbert.