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William Hone: An Annotated Bibliography

The following list of works written by, published by, or otherwise related to Hone does not pretend to be a complete bibliography. Because many of Hone's publications were unsigned, ephemeral pieces that have now been lost or miscatalogued, and because his title pages and advertisements are not always reliable, a "complete" bibliography for a writer/publisher like Hone would likely be impossible to compile. In any event, I have tried to select the most noteworthy of Hone's productions to include below. Since Hone was prolific both with the pen and with the press, the selection has necessitated some considerable omissions. Readers are encouraged to consult Ann Bowden's reliable and more complete bibliography for publications appearing between 1815 and 1821 (see Bowden in the Secondary Source Bibliography). Alternatively, I would be happy to address specific queries directed to me personally.

In compiling the bibliography, I have relied primarily on my own research both in the works themselves and in Hone's advertisements for his publications; I have also consulted the Bowden bibliography (mentioned above), Dorothy George's Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires, the National Union Catalogue, the Nineteenth-Century Short Title Catalogue, and other standard reference works. The entries consist chiefly of title-page transcriptions with additional material inserted in brackets. The commentaries are, of course, my own.

The present bibliography file in HTML is generated from a TEI master, the source code of which is available here.

Annotated Bibliography, Alphabetical by Title

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