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The Political House that Jack Built (1819) — [on Romantic Circles]
The Every-Day Book (1825-26)

Etexts on the BioText

This section of the BioText offers extended descriptions and, where possible, electronic editions of Hone's works. As is evident in the brief table of contents below, the "Etext" area is still in its infancy--more e-texts will appear as they are completed.

Leading up to the Trials of 1817:

Two early poems (1790s; full text)
Buonaparte-phobia; or, Cursing Made Easy to the Meanest Capacity (1815, rpt. 1820; full text)
La Pie Voleuse: The Narrative of the Magpie (1815; detailed description)
Hone's View of the Regent's Bomb (1816; description, with excerpts and Hone's poem complete.)
The Yacht for the R——t's B—M— (1816; description, with excerpts)
Hone's Interesting History of the Memorable Blood Conspiracy (1816; description with excerpts)
The Bullet te Deum; with the Canticle of the Stone (1817; full text)
The Sinecurist's Creed, or Belief (1817; full text)
The Late John Wilkes's Catechism of a Ministerial Member (1817; full text)
The Political Litany (1817; full text)
Preface to Hone's edition of Robert Southey's Wat Tyler (1817; full text of Preface)
Official Account of the Noble Lord's Bite! (1817; full text, forthcoming)

Peterloo and the Queen Caroline Affair:

The Don Juan "Spinoffs" (1819; full text with TEI markup)

The Political House that Jack Built (1819; full text)-- published on Romantic Circles
The Man in the Moon (1820; full text)
The Right Divine of Kings To Govern Wrong! (1821; full text with TEI markup)

Antiquarian works and later polemics:

The Every-Day Book (1825-26; weekly installments, full-text)