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William Hone — Short Title Bibliography

This Short Title Bibliography is designed for quick reference to the more prominent works written, published, or edited by William Hone. For more complete bibliographical detail and very brief (i.e. one- or two-sentence) descriptions of the works, readers should consult Annotated Bibliography. Readers seeking critical, historical, or other secondary materials can find an appropriate source listing in William Hone: Secondary Sources.

Neither this file nor the annotated bibliography can pretend to be a complete listing of Hone's works, but together they do offer a reasonably comprehensive view of the nature of Hone's work as a writer and publisher.


An Accurate Report of the Trial of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Caroline. London: Printed by W. Hone, 1821.

Ancient Mysteries Described, Especially the English Mystery Plays, founded on Apocryphal New Testament Story, Extant among the Unpublished Manuscripts in the British Museum. London: Printed for William Hone, 45, Ludgate Hill, 1823.

Another Article for the Quarterly Review. London: Printed for William Hone, 45, Ludgate Hill, 1824.

Another Ministerial Defeat! The Trial of the Dog, for Biting the Noble Lord. London: Printed by and for William Hone, 67, Old Bailey, 1817.

The Apocryphal New Testament. London: Printed for William Hone, Ludgate Hill, 1820.

Aspersions Answered, and Explanatory Statement, Addressed to the Public at Large, and to Every Reader of the Quarterly Review in Particular. London: Printed for William Hone. 45, Ludgate Hill. 1824.

Authentic Account of the Royal Marriage: Consisting of Original Memoirs of Prince Leopold and Princess Charlotte. London: W. Hone, 1816.

Authentic Memoirs of the Life of the Late Lamented Princess Charlotte. London: William Hone, 1817.

Authentic Particulars of the Death of the Princess Charlotte and Her Infant. London: William Hone, 1817.

"Autobiographical." [Chapter 2, pp. 22-63, of Hackwood's biography; see Secondary Source Bibliography.]

Bank Restriction Barometer; or, Scale of Effects of the Bank Note System, and Payments in Gold. [Published with Bank Restriction Note, following.]

Bank Restriction Note; Specimen of a Bank Note--not to be Imitated. London: William Hone, [1819].

The Bullet Te Deum; with the Canticle of the Stone. London: William Hone, 1817.

Buonaparte-phobia, or Cursing Made Easy to the Meanest Capacity. London: W. Hone, [1815].

Buonapartephobia. The Origin of Dr. Slop's Name. London: William Hone, 1820.

A Catalogue of Ancient and Modern Books . . . William Hone, Bookseller. London: Hone, [1820].

Catalogue of Books, Books of Prints, &c., collected for a history of parody, by Mr. William Hone . . . Which will be sold by auction, by Mr. Southgate. London: 1827.

Circumstantial Evidence. Report of the Trial of Elizabeth Fenning. By Mr. Job Sibly. London: William Hone, 1819.

A Circumstantial Report of the Extraordinary Evidence and Proceedings Before the Coroner's Inquest, on the Body of Edward Vyse. London: William Hone, 1815.

The Critical Review; or, Annals of Literature London. Monthly, 1756-1817. [Hone was "literary editor," 1814- 15].

'Don John,' or Don Juan Unmasked; being a Key to the Mystery, Attending that Remarkable Publication: with a Descriptive Review of the Poem, and Extracts. London: Printed for William Hone, Ludgate Hill. 1819.

Don Juan, Canto the Third! London: William Hone, Ludgate Hill, 1819.

Dropt Clauses out of the Bill, against the Queen. London: W. Hone, [1820].

The Early Life and Conversion of William Hone [Sr.]. Edited by His Son. London: T. Ward. 1841.

The Emigrant's Guide to the United States of America. By Robert Holditch. London: William Hone, 1818.

The Every-Day Book; or, Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements. London: Hunt and Clark, 1827.

Facetiae and Miscellanies. London: Hunt and Clarke, 1827.

First Part of a Catalogue of Books, for 1809. [John] Bone and Hone, Booksellers and Publishers, [1809.]

The First Trial of William Hone. London: William Hone, 1817.

The Form of Prayer, with Thanksgiving to Almighty God, to be used daily by all devout People throughout the Realm, for the Happy Deliverance of Her Majesty Queen Caroline from the late most Traitorous Conspiracy. London: William Hone, 1820.

A Full Report of the Proceedings of the Meeting, Convened by the Hampden Club, . . . 15th June, 1816. London: Wm. Hone, 1816.

Full Report of the Third Spa-Fields Meeting; With the Previous Arrests. London: Printed for William Hone, 55 Fleet Street, 67 Old Bailey, [February 10] 1817.

Great Gobble Gobble Gobble, and Twit Twittle Twit, or Law Versus Common Sense. London: William Hone, [1818].

Hone's Interesting History of the Memorable Blood Conspiracy, Carried on by S. MacDaniel, J. Berry, J. Egan, and J. Salmon, Thief-Takers, and Their Trials and Sentences, in 1756. London: William Hone, 1816.

Hone's Reformists' Register and Weekly Commentary. London: William Hone, [Feb.-Oct.] 1817.

Hone's Riots in London: with most Important and Full Particulars, now first published: elucidating the events of Monday, December 2, 1816. London: W. Hone, 1816.

Hone's View of the Regent's Bomb, Now Uncovered, for the Gratification of the Public in St. Jame's Park, Majestically Mounted, on a Monstrous Nondescript, Supposed to Represent Legitimate Sovereignty. [London: William Hone, 1816.]

The Important Results of an Elaborate Investigation into the Mysterious Case of Elizabeth Fenning. London: William Hone, 1815.

The King's Statue, at Guildhall, or, French Colours and French Principles Put Down. London: William Hone, [1815].

The Late John Wilkes's Catechism of a Ministerial Member. London: William Hone, 1817.

The Life of William Cobbett, Author of the Political Register. Written by himself. London: W. Hone, 1816.

Lord Byron's Corsair. Conrad, the Corsair; or, The Pirates' Isle. A Tale. By Lord Byron. London: William Hone, 1817.

The Man in the Moon, &c. &c. &c. London: William Hone, 1820.

The Meeting in Spa Fields: Hone's authentic and correct account, at length, of all proceedings on Monday, December 2d; with the resolutions and petition of Nov. 15, 1816. London: W. Hone, 1816.

The Midnight Intruder; or, Old Nick at C--lt-n H--se. A Poem. London: Printed for W. Hone, 55, Fleet Street. 1816.

Napoleon and the Spots in the Sun; or, The R----t's Waltz; and Who Waltzed with Him--and Where. London: Printed for W. Hone, 55, Fleet Street. 1816.

"Non Mi Ricordo!" &c. &c. &c. London: William Hone, 1820.

Official Account. Bartholomew Fair Insurrection; and the Pie-Bald Poney Plot! London: William Hone, 1817.

Official Account of the Noble Lord's Bite! London: W. Hone, 1817.

La Pie Voleuse. The Narrative of the Magpie; or The Maid of Palaiseau. Being the History of the Maid and the Magpie. London: William Hone, 1815.

Poems on his Domestic Circumstances. I. Fare Thee Well! II. A Sketch from Private Life. By Lord Byron. London: W. Hone, 1816.

Political Essays, with Sketches of Public Characters. By William Hazlitt. London: William Hone, 1819.

The Political House that Jack Built. London: William Hone, 1819.

The Political Litany, Diligently Revised. London: William Hone, 1817.

The Political Showman--At Home! Exhibiting his Cabinet of Curiosities and Creatures--All Alive! London: William Hone, 1821.

Poor Humphrey's Calendar. London: Matilda Hone, [1829].

The Queen's Matrimonial Ladder, A National Toy. London: William Hone, 1820.

The Report at Large of the Coroner's Inquest on Jane Watson. London: William Hone, 1815.

The Right Divine of Kings to Govern Wrong! [Revision of Defoe's Jure Divino.] London: William Hone, 1821.

The Right of the People to Universal Sufferage and Annual Parliaments, Clearly Demonstrated. By the late Duke of Richmond. London: William Hone, 1817.

The Rules and Regulations of an Institution Called Tranquillity. London: Printed for the Use of the Members, 1807.

The Second Trial of William Hone. London: William Hone, 1817.

The Sinecurist's Creed, or Belief. London: William Hone, 1817.

Sixty Curious and Authentic Narratives and Anecdotes. By John Cecil. London: Richard Beckley, 1822.

A Slap at Slop and the Bridge-Street Gang. London: William Hone, 1821.

The Spirit of Despotism. [By Vicesimus Knox.] London: William Hone, 1821.

The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England. By Joseph Strutt. London: William Reeves, 1830.

The Table Book; London: Published for William Hone, by Hunt and Clarke, 1827.

The Third Trial of William Hone. London: William Hone, 1818.

The Three Trials of William Hone. London: William Hone, 1818.

Trial by Jury and Liberty of the Press. The Proceedings at the Public Meeting, December 29, 1817. London: William Hone, 1818.

Wat Tyler; a Dramatic Poem. [By Robert Southey] London: W. Hone, 1817.

The Yacht for THE R----T'S B-M-. A Poetical Epistle, from Brother John in England, to Brother Pat in Ireland. [London: William Hone, 1816.]

The Year Book of Daily Recreation and Information. London: William Tegg, [1832].