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Fragments of a Biography

For reasons explained in the introductory essay on "Discursive Hosts," the BioText does not include a seamless biographical narrative that coherently "covers" Hone's life from its beginning in 1780 to its end in 1842. Instead, this prose account of Hone's life is presented here in a series of fragments, the number of which will likely continue to grow. The present files concentrate on the early years of Hone's life; readers interested in a roughly chronological account should examine the files in the order presented below.

The fragments are listed here in roughly chronological order:

The Gordon Riots (enter: William Hone) (1780)
The Elder William Hone and the Heritage of Dissent (1770s, 80s)
A London Childhood--Early Reading (1783-93)
Sturm und Drang in a Revolutionary Decade (1790s)
Early Public Life (1800-1805)
John Bone, "Tranquillity," and the Poor Laws (1806-07)
The Bone-Hone Bookshop and After (1807-13)
Hone and the London Asylum (1813-14)
The Critical Review and the Case of Edward Vyse (1814-1815)
The Fenning Case and the Rise of the Watchdog Press (1815-16)
Publishing the Parodies: The Background to Hone's 1817 Censorship Trials (1817)