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Adelphi University, Garden City, NY

Adelphi is home to an impressive collection of Hone materials including correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, a scrap album once belonging to G. T. Lawley, and numerous printed works. The correspondence includes several important letters such as William Godwin's letter recommending that Hone be given access to the the British Museum reading rooms, several letters both to and from the sculptor brothers, William, Charles, and Henry Behnes, and some biographically and historically significant letters involving correspondents such as John Childs, Major Cartwright, John and Leigh Hunt, Charles Lamb, and others.

Among the printed works in the collection, there are copies of some of Hone's more popular--sometimes notorious--publications such as the liturgical parodies from 1817, the Hone/Cruikshank squibs from 1819-21, and several of the antiquarian works such as the Apocryphal New Testament and Ancient Mysteries Described. In addition, the collection of printed works has excellent copies of some of the less common of Hone's publications, including some of the broadsides, caricature prints by Cruikshank, and other more ephemeral publications. There are also many parodies from Hone's collection (assembled in anticipation of his never completed History of Parody), anonymous radical pamphlets from the late Regency period, and publications by Hone's contemporaries.

For more information on the Adelphi collection, and to see a number of nicely reproduced facsimiles of some of the printed works, see the homepage of the collection at and the many caricature facsimiles from Adelphi's William Hone Digital Collection.