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British Library Archives

The British Library houses the largest collection of Hone materials and manuscripts anywhere. The volumes, briefly catalogued below, contain a great deal of personal correspondence, drafts of parodies and other publications, drafts of the advertised but never completed History of Parody, drafts of Hone's unfinished autobiography, and so on. In addition to the materials gathered specifically in the Hone Papers, the Additional Manuscripts also contain a few stray Hone letters in the archives of his correspondents. Some idea of the contents of the collection may be gleaned from the following brief descriptions.

Add. MS. 27808

Place Papers, Vol. 20. ff. 314-16, letter to Place (describes memories of Thomas Spence)

Add. MS. 34585

Correspondence with Dr. S. Butler, 1824, 1825. Hone's letters can be found at ff. 318, 376, and 378.

Add. MS. 34586

Correspondence with Dr. S. Butler, 1824, 1825. Hone's letters can be found at ff. 1 and 4.

Add. MS. 36458

Letters to J. C. Hobhouse, 1820-21. Hone's letters, ff. 95, 148.

Add. MS. 36459

Letters to J. C. Hobhouse. Hone letter, fol. 189.

Add. MS. 37949

Letters to F. Place, 1817-1830. Hone letters, ff. 46, 92, 99, 144, 148, and 233.

Add. MS. 37950

Letter to F. Place, f. 79.

Add. MS. 38108

Letter to John Hunt, f. 189.

Add. MS. 40108

Hone Papers. Contains much correspondence and plans for the never completed History of Parody. Also, a letter from James Hone of Weymouth, 1819, fol. 188.

Note: Add. MS. 40109 through 40118 present an array of widely diverse parodies collected by or written by Hone. Some of the materials seem to have been gathered in preparation for the 1817 libel trials; other materials were probably collected in anticipation of the History of Parody that Hone proposed to write.

Add. MS. 40109

Hone Papers. In Hone's hand, "Processus Luciferi . . ."

Add. MS. 40110

Hone Papers. Gascoigne text.

Add. MS. 40111

Hone Papers. History of "Judas Iscariot."

Add. MS. 40112

Hone Papers. Draft of an original, unpublished Hone parody

Add. MS. 40113

Hone Papers. Misc. parodies; includes Lilburne materials.

Add. MS. 40114

Hone Papers. Misc. parodies.

Add. MS. 40115

Hone Papers. Misc. parodies; draft of part of Pol Litany

Add. MS. 40116

Hone Papers. Misc. parodies.

Add. MS. 40117

Hone Papers. Misc. parodies.

Add. MS. 40119

Hone Papers. Hone's notes for Tallies article, Times 1834

Add. MS. 40120

Hone Papers. Letters and other correspondence. Includes a letter from Rose Hone, 1825, fol. 231, and Hone's engraved portrait, 1818, fol. 1.

Add. MS. 40121

Hone Papers. Hone's autograph autobiography, with notes. Very fragmentary.

Add. MS. 40122

Hone Papers. Very miscellaneous papers and letters.

Add. MS. 40272

Hone Papers. The Political Litany copy, f. 309.

Add. MS. 40856

Letters, materials on asylum scheme from 1814, a draft sermon, and Table Book accounts. Also, a letter to Alice Hone, 1840, fol. 50, and delicate Cruikshank drawings of William and Sarah Hone, ff. 7a-7b.

Add. MS. 41071


Add. MS. 43645

Letter to T. Sharp, 1825, fol. 376.

Add. MS. 50746

Correspondence, many from family papers. Copies of important genealogical materials such as a list of Hone's children with birth dates, a copy of William and Sarah Hone's marriage registry entry, and so forth.

Add. MS. 70926

Two short notes regarding Hone's finances in the 1830s.