William Hone to Francis Place, 25 December 1824

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William Hone to Francis Place, 25 December, 1824.1-TEI-

[no salutation]

I thank you heartily, Friend Place, without cant, for 1st. your kind and encouraging note 2.dly your serviceable communications and your proffers and evidences of further services.

You are the only man of the few I have seen, who comprehends the nature of my little work.2

"Memorials of the memorable things" would I have no doubt be very useful to me—the book did not accompany your note — am I to have it from you, or how?

My daughter is copying from your MSS. When her extracts are completed the papers shall be returned.

Of the printed writings, I will retain what I can use, and send back the rest.

Herewith you have the Case of the Journeyman Tailors 1745 with a paper containing an extract from S. Tullius's Speech to the Senate—it was the latter which occasioned my lavish praise. The "Flint" you can put in your scrap-book or in the fire.

Yours truly
W Hone

25 Decr. 1824

British Library, Add. MS 37949, ff. 148. [return]
Hone refers to the Every-Day Book which was about to commence its weekly publication. The subsequent paragraphs in the letter refer to selections Hone was making for the Every-Day Book from materials supplied by Place. [return]
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