William Hone to Thomas Evans, 13 December, 1816

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William Hone to Thomas Evans, 13 December, 1816. 1-TEI-

67 Old Bailey
13 Dec. 1816

I am about publishing a Second Part of an Account of the Riots2 and as the newspapers noticed the handbill beginning Spence's Plan which handbill I mean to give I purposed taking an Extract from Christian Policy to shew the plan. But it just occurs to me from your Son calling for the Returns this morning that you may not be desirous that the Plan should be thus publicly noticed at this juncture. If this be so as I am loth to give any one the least uneasiness an intimation to that effect will deter me from mentioning the Pamphlet.

I am Sir
Your most obedient Servant
W Hone

Mr. Thos Evans

[Address:] Mr Thomas Evans
Newcastle Street

British Library, Add. MS 50746, ff. 1-2. [return]
The reference here is likely to Hone's account of the Spa Fields Riots, Hone's Riots in London, which was published in mid-December of 1816, just days after the riots themselves. [return]
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