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    Robert Southey and William Hone

    by  • May 26, 2014 • BioText Updates • 0 Comments

    I have just edited and published a particularly interesting set of letters between Hone and Robert Southey.  The letters date mainly from 1830 and follow upon Southey’s admiring notice (March 1830) of Hone’s antiquarian work.  By the end of the year, the two writers had established a friendly relationship—which is all the more remarkable because […]

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    Leigh Hunt Letters, University of Iowa

    by  • April 10, 2014 • BioText Updates • 0 Comments

    I’m happy to point readers to several new letters in the BioText Correspondence between Hone, Leigh Hunt, and Henry Leigh Hunt.  The letters–dated 12 Dec. 1820, 7 May 1821, 16 Feb. 1824, 16 March 1825, and 28 Nov. 1825–are held in the Leigh Hunt Letters at the University of Iowa and are also available in […]

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    Early Letters, Lately Edited

    by  • March 14, 2014 • BioText Updates • 0 Comments

    I am happy to announce that the first series of letters in the Hone Correspondence has just been re-edited and published. While the changes may not seem dramatic to return viewers, the underlying XML structure is now much enriched and the letters themselves have been produced by a customized XSLT engine. The result is a […]

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    New Letters, first series

    by  • November 3, 2013 • BioText Updates • 0 Comments

    Readers of Hone’s correspondence will be interested to see that I have recently added several new letters to the first series—that is, the correspondence covering Hone’s early up through the 1817 libel trial and into 1818.  In presenting this series, I have now included a substantial selection of the letters received by Hone as well […]

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