• Robert Southey and William Hone

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    I have just edited and published a particularly interesting set of letters between Hone and Robert Southey.  The letters date mainly from 1830 and follow upon Southey’s admiring notice (March 1830) of Hone’s antiquarian work.  By the end of the year, the two writers had established a friendly relationship—which is all the more remarkable because the two were on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum during the post-Napoleonic years of the late Regency.  The BioText now includes the 1829/1830 letters as well as a “Conversation” examining the context of the letters and commenting on the surprising rapprochement of the two former adversaries.  The Hone/Southey letters are most easily accessible through the appropriate index page, and “conversation” is available through this link.  As always, comments and corrections are always welcome.


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