• The Don Juan Spinoffs

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    In July of 1819, John Murray published the first two cantos of Byron’s Don Juan. It was a controversial publication, and Hone responded with two works of his own.  First, in Don John, or, Don Juan Unmasked, he offered a review of the poem together with an indignant commentary on what he perceived to be Murray’s hypocrisy and a legal double-standard that allowed pro-government publishers relative freedom while reformist publishers were often targeted for libel prosecutions.  Second, in the tense post-Peterloo months, Hone co-opted the comical ottava rima stanzas from Byron and wrote his own Don Juan, Canto the Third! Both of these works are now available in the etexts section of the BioText.  For a more extended introduction and links to the etexts (available both in browser friendly HTML and more detailed TEI), readers will want to visit The Don Juan Spinoffs.

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