William Hone to [William Behnes], 20 December, 1832

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William Hone to [William Behnes], 20 December, 1832. 1-TEI-

To our right trusty and well appointed Tuner of our Musical Instruments — These are to will and require him, forthwith, that is to say, at or before twelve o'clock at noon of this day, to repair to the Grasshopper Tavern in Gracechurch, and then and there, with strings or wires and keys, to be by him brought, tune or tone a certain Piano-forte, as the same may require. And further, with instruments to be provided by us to play in concert, or in solo, on or upon a certain plate or plates, and libate and liquify, to his own proper liking or pleasure. And then and there remain until he finish and complete his performances, and depart with the Fee payable thereupon and in respect of his Office Given under out hand this 20th day of December 1832.

W Hone
Mr William Behnes, the Elder.
our officer above specified.
Hone Collection, Adelphi University, Series 1A, Bx 1, f. 1. [return]
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