William Hone to Robert Childs, 5 February, 1830

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William Hone to Robert Childs, 5 February, 1830.1-TEI-

Dear Robert,

From the time of your departure last night I have sought rest and found none, and this morning I arise as dull and obfuscated as that "pearl on a dung hill," Job. During my sleep I have been bitten all over & on awaking, before I could open my eyes, I had such a gallinipper, that I instantly threw myself out of bed from excess of torture. The vermin that tormeted me was the "worm of conscience." I have repented me, sore, of that silly thing but of delaying to go home till tomorrow. [one word][?] saith that "a resoute man is omnipotent," and you remember an injunction elsewhere to "be bloody bold and resolute."2 Behold me then, this morning, a resolved man, and acquaint yourself with the present state of my mind. I have resolved myself up to the high resolution of asking your permission to go off by the coach this afternoon. Take from me this, therefore, as a "resolved man's resolution," and "let me off."

In sober sooth I must go today, and I shall leave Bungay impressed with the hospitality & kindness of Messrs J R & C Childs, and deeply convinced of the value of order, as I find it in your brother's company. [One word][?] a sheet of his writing paper have I had but one, & that was delivered out to me from under lock & key where it had been "bonded for duty." Another sheet I cannot get at without subjecting myself to indictment for "breaking a lock in a dwelling house." I therefore abstract a leaf from my Memorandum Book, and it is lucky for you, that, as I am in a scribbling humour, I have not filled it to the bottom of page 4. Your uncle Filby however has just come down in elegant undress, and, he being at my elbow talking away like "a giant refreshed" I refer you to the promises for assurance that I am on the go, and so going, I remain, with astonishing resolution,

Yours to salute you when you get up,
W Hone

5 February 1830.

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