William Hone to Matilda Hone [daughter], 16 November, 1829 — An Electronic Edition

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William Hone to Matilda Hone [daughter], 16 November, 1829.1-TEI-


16 Nov. 1829
My dear Matilda

Although you have addressed letters to me at this town for a week past, I did not arrive hither from Liverpool till Sunday, and then only in consequence of a letter from Mr. Shuttleworth acquainting me that he was quitting Manchester on Tuesday for a fortnight. Of course, as my business is chiefly with him, and as, while I am in Manchester, his house will be my home, I came over immediately, but I left Liverpool before I could complete my object in that town, and return thither tomorrow night, where affairs will detain me till Friday, on which day I come back to Manchester and where I must of necessity remain till Sunday or Monday, and then depart for Derby. It is possible however that I may first be compelled to go to Leeds. At any rate, I do not think it possible that I can be at Newington Green before Friday, which I long to reach, for though I am greatly better (and if I were not I could not travel) yet my deafness is increased rather than diminished, and I want nursing for a day or two, which I cannot get while out as I require it at home, and I fear surgical tampering with my ears, or indeed doing anything to them, while I run the risk of fresh cold from travelling.

I am most earnestly anxious to be informed further respecting all matter that concern you and your sister and the family generally. A letter from Mr Fry would give me great pleasure. Sarah informs me he has left town but she does not say for what time. Write me to my address as under. My love to you all. I scribble this late at night after coming home with Mr and Mrs Shuttleworth from a dinner party at Mr Richard Potter's.

I remain
My dear Matilda
Your affectionate father
W. Hone

at John Shuttleworth's, Esq. Manchester.
P.S. Tear off the annexed, & apply it as it imports.2

Miss Hone
Newington Green

British Library, Add. MS 40120, ff. 331-32. [return]
One panel from the address fold has been torn from the MS, probably in response to this note from Hone. [return]
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