William Hone to "Δ" [William] Behnes, 3 May, 1829

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William Hone to "Δ" [William] Behnes, 3 May, 1829. 1-TEI-

Newington Green
3 May 1829
Dear Behnes

On writing this date I perceive it is the anniversary of my arrest twelve years ago, and my purpose now it is to say I hope most anxiously that it may be in your power to save me from being again arrested — not by law legal, but law circumstantial, the stern law of necessity.

While I was [winging?] hither from you on Friday, Alfred was progressing from hence — When I heard his knock last night I expected he was the bearer from you of the last news. To my sorrow I found he had not been to [ ] Street, but he gave me a reason for his absence which I was enforced to be satisfied with, though the lapse occasioned me increased anxiety. He will explain to you, as he did to me — and I send him only in consequence of the exigency that presses on me with a weight almost beyond endurance, and from which if you can, by hook or by crook, relieve me, I shall be at peace & say God bless you

I am Dear Δ
Yours ever faithfully
W Hone

I wish Charley was here to see the fruit blossoms, & bud-burstings, & hear the Birds, as I do from the window I now write at.

[Addressed for hand delivery:]
Δ Behnes Esq.

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