William Hone to Alfred Hone [son], 23 April, 1829

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William Hone to Alfred Hone [son], 23 April, 1829. 1-TEI-

Newington Green
23 April 1829.
My dear Alfred

I hope you will ever continue to regard me as your kindest Friend, by making me the deposit of such anxieties as you have communicated in your excellently written letter. Whether your views be well or ill founded can be better determined by conversation than writing. I was going to write you, and then I thought of going to town to to you, but, after a nights sleep I have resolved to remain for the purpose of seeing your here. Come hither as soon as you receive this, and we will compare our thoughts.

I am, My dear Alfred,
Your ever affectionate Father
W Hone

Matilda is better — she shall return with you in the Morning. Our love to Emma, & thanks for her letter and its enclosures.

Hone Collection, Adelphi University, Series 1A, Bx 1, f. 3.[return]
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