William Hone to Francis Place, 8 April, 1829

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William Hone to Francis Place, 8 April, 1829.1-TEI-

Newington Green
8 April 1829
Friend Place

Cibber, which is my own, I send you, for anything noticeable in the three printed papers at the end.

The accompanying blue-paper Book contains several very curious Articles—some quite in your way— It belongs to Mr. Thomas of York S! (the great Constable) & the rogue is so unseasonable as to be impatient for its return — (I have not had it three years) — Look it over as soon as you can & return it to him, if you please, as from me.

Matilda will acquaint you with the requisite amount for her rent.

Yrs truly
W Hone
British Library, Add. MS 37949, f. 233. [return]
William Hone. Date: 2014-04-14