William Hone to W[illiam] T[homas] Moncrieff, 17 November, 1826

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William Hone to W. T. Moncrieff,1 17 November, 1826. 2-TEI-

22 Belvedere place
17 Nov: 1826.
My dear Sir

I was born in a two pair of stairs room at the corner house of Horse Street, being the last on the right hand side of the way, going toward the bridge out of Bath — which I deem it my duty to acquaint you with — and further, that I saw Bath (for the first time after I was removed from it at three years old) in December 1818, and from what I was enabled to observe of the people never desire to see it again — and, moreover, I acquaint you with this, because you date your note from that city — and, furthermore, because my birthplace coming first to my eye, set my minds eye on the goggle — wherefore it pleases me to discurse before I discourse, and so it brings me to your locale.

My dear Sir, what I said to you about "lodging taking" I have not the least recollection of — but I hope nothing offensive — indeed from what you say of and concerning "Saville House" I am persuaded I have been "quite correct," and done nothing more than a little of the "agreeable." I assure you, though, my head has been more [word] excursive than my body — I have been — not "non est" &c. but non compos — and am now not quite "as well as could be expected." Could I have a few chirrupy notes, like yours, it would do much to bring me round. I thank you sincerely for your kind recollection of me, and hope you will not forget the call you wot of.

As to the Wassail "the jolly Wassail bowl" — it will be to me this Xmas as though it were not.3 I am pretty miserable, but

Most Sincerely Yours
W Hone

I believe we talk more about you, whom we have only seen once, be it remembered, — more than we do of half the people we have known half our lives — Come!

W. T. Moncrieff Esq..
Known for large-scale stage spectacles, William Thomas Moncrieff was a popular (and controversial) dramatist during the 1810s and 20s. He became the manager of Vauxhall Gardens shortly after this letter. [return]
Hone Collection, Adelphi University, Series 1A, Bx 1, f. 4.[return]
Hone had written an extensive article on Wassail for the Every-Day Book that was published in the 1 January, 1826 number [link]. [return]
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