William Hone to William Behnes, 11 August, 1826 — An Electronic Edition

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William Hone to William Behnes, 11 August, 1826.1-TEI-

Dear Behnes

2Here's the book. I feel much shame for having been, so long, a lady's debtor, and were I known to her, I'd put her name on an apologizing sort of letter, and say—

To Mrs. Gent
Dear Madam,
I exceedingly desire to make amends for all the trouble you have had, by my egregious keeping of your "Aughts and Ends" and really blush to think, that nothing is within my power by way of recompense.

I know not what to do; but (as it's his first duty who offends, to own offence), with great contrition I confess my error, and wish to hope, yet almost fear to crave, your kind forgiveness. I should live in terror of meeting you without it, and perhaps have, if you bestow'd it, the good chance of seeing you, at some time to orally atone in some degree my misdemeanour—being

Dear Madam,
Yours most humbly
Wm Hone
11 August 1826

William Behnes Esq.

British Library, Add. MS 40120, f. 275. [return]
The letter, comical and parodic as Hone's letters often are, comes from a draft in Hone's hand with much editing and interlineal insertion. The present reconstruction must necessarily be speculative—it may not reflect exactly the letter that Hone sent to Behnes. [return]
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