Leigh Hunt to William Hone, 28 November, 1825

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Leigh Hunt to William Hone, 28 November, 1825.1 ā€” -TEI-

My dear Sir, ā€”

I have unfortunately neither copy nor book; but Thornton2 is going to Burlington Street this evening, or the first thing tomorrow-{morng}, and if I can procure either a copy of the forthcoming number, or the sheet on which the article is printed, you shall have it tomorrow before 12 o'clock, to give it a chance of insertion .

I am sorry for your sigh-at-ica; but I thought exercise was the best thing for that sort of hyp.- I hope to get at you, at all events, before long.

Very truly your's,
Leigh Hunt
Nov. 28. 1825.

Mr. Hone,
Ludgate Hill

University of Iowa Digital Library, Leigh Hunt Letters, item: MsL H93h2. [external link] [return]
The context of Hunt's note is not clear; given the date, it would seem likely that Hone is seeking some particular printed text for inclusion in the Every-Day Book. "Thornton" is Hunt's oldest son. [return]
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