William Hone to Leight Hunt, 16 March, 1825 — An Electronic Edition

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William Hone to Leigh Hunt, 16 March, 18251-TEI-

45 Ludgate hill London
16 March 1825
My dear Sir

At a quarter past 12 I have a note from your excellent nephew H.L.H., that if I send a copy of my Everyday Book to Miss Kent before 12 it will be forwarded to you. I avail myself of the late information to enclose you one, and not to be too late hasten to assure you that “many a time and oft,” I have thought with unmixed delight on the talks and strolls we had together at Hampstead, and wished you, in Italy, every happiness that a fine climate and sojournings among art seem fitted to communicate.

I wish I had half an hour to gossip with my pen about all sorts of things “signifying nothing,” but which at your distance from “home”—(shall I call it—might be something after all. You will see how I am employed “Every-Day,” and I should like of all things to know what you do “personally” with yourself—what your pen does the “Examiner” lets out a little of now and then, and I look at your old ☞ with a delight next to that I should have in shaking you by your right .

Believe me with the kindest recollections of Mrs. Hunt, yourself, and “the seraphical doctor,” Thornton,

Sir Most sincerely and faithfully
Mr. Hone

Leigh Hunt Esq
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