Rose Hone [daughter] to William Hone, 1825

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Rose Hone [daughter] to William Hone , 1825.1-TEI-

[Pencil in Sarah Hone's hand:] Our dear Rose's first Letter. 1825
My dear father,

I should like to see you if you would but come. I should like mother to fetch me at xmas. A young lady gave me a large doll, and another gave me some silk to make it more clothes. Give my love and a kiss all round.2

I remain
Your affectionate
Rose Hone

Mrs. Hone
Ludgate Hill

British Library, Add. MS 40120, f. 231. [return]
Rose Hone (b. 1818) was staying with Mary Hazlitt, perhaps while Sarah Hone was being delivered of another child late in 1825—Alice, the Hone's youngest child, was born on 8 December, 1825—or perhaps to recover from some illness (or both). This brief letter appears on the verso of a longer note from Hazlitt. [return]
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