William Hone to Mr. Dene[?], 3 August, 1824

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William Hone to Mr. Dene, 3 August, 1824.1-TEI-

3 August 1824
Dear Sir,

I wish every thing in the shape of an Account either of buyers or proprietors and indeed every possible account to be got out and wholly completed without the least delay & consequently proceeded in immediately and diligently till the whole is completed — this therefore lies with you.2

I wish also that every atom of possible business should be instantly wound up into the form of arrangement—this will in some degree lie with you though more so with Benj'n who will also cooperate with the Accounts.

To be brief & explicit — I must have no [one word][?] of anything or kind whatever—all must be brought up directly. To this end Mr Percy's attention is directed — to this I have (while I am writing now) directed Benjamin & of course do yours.

Mind I am not making any complaint—to any one but you who seem to shrink from the "imperative mood" as proud flesh does from bluestone the remark won't be unnecessary — I make it to allay your apprehensions and visionary surmises — take it therefore as a sedative and be sedate — I have a large affair on my mind to which everything must give place & I must have immediate order that I may gain ample room & verge enough for my operations.

I am my dear Sir
Yours sincerely
W Hone

Mr. Dene
45 Ludgate Hill

British Library, Add. MS 50746, ff. 9-10. [return]
The names of the persons identified in this letter—including the recipient—are not very clear in Hone's hurried hand, but it would seem clear that he is addressing various persons who work in his Ludgate Hill bookshop and who manage his business affairs. It would seem likely as well, that this letter is the beginning of the Every-Day Book project that would occupy Hone professionally for the next several years. [return]
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