William Hone to Rev. Thomas Rennell, 12 February 1824

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William Hone to Rev. Thomas Rennell, 12 February 1824.1-TEI-

The Rev. Thos. Rennell

45 L. hill

12 Feby 1824
Revd Sir,

The accompanying pamphlet notices some animadversions on me in your Proofs of Inspiration.2 If you do me the favor to consider its transmission to you before its publication on Saturday as a courtesy & will [one word][?] to excuse the rough appearance of a hurried copy.

I have the honor to be
Rev'd. Sir
Your most humble
and very obedient Servant
British Library, Add. MS 40120, ff. 206-07. [return]
The "accompanying pamphlet" refers to Hone's Aspersions Answered. This brief note is a much worked-over draft of a letter to Rennell. Certainly the letter was sent, as it received a cordial reply from Rennell on 17 February. Rennell had written critically of Hone's Apocryphal New Testament, and Hone's pamphlet addresses many of Rennell's arguments (see especially Aspersions Answered, pp. 39ff.). [return]
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