Walter Wilson to William Hone, 17 January, 1817: An Electronic Edition

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Walter Wilson to William Hone, 17 January, 1823.1-TEI-

Sutton [near Grevil??][?]
Jan. 17th 1823.
Dear Hone

I learn by a letter lately received from my friend little Williams that you have many things which will assist me in my proposed life of De Foe, "but have not time to look them out." When will you cease to be so busy a man? He moreover tells me that you say I must come to London for 3 months, where you will assist me. But this is impossible. I do not mean to see London again until I have finished the book, of which I have written two chapters and enlarged somewhat upon the politics of the times in some ________ -ish spirit.[?] Now I do conjure you by all the love that you bear to De Foe, if not by that which you bear to his biographer, that you subtract from some of the time which you would devote to inferior objects, sufficient to rake up every thing that you have relating to old Daniel, & send it to me forthwith. I have succeeded in borrowing a complete set of the Review, which will furnish much matter. It is very desirable that I should have every thing that can be obtained respecting him before I finish my labours, therefor I just intreat you to think of old Daniel without delay, & you will oblige

Yours truly
W. Wilson

[Addressed to]
Mr. Hone,
Ludgate Hill

British Library, Add. MS 41071, f. 8. [return]
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